29 October 2010

A little hectic!

I haven't loomed as much as I would have liked since Sunday. But, I managed to fit in some time to edge the necklace and cut it off the loom. I've not yet had the chance to take a better picture - as said, I've been kind if busy with other things.

If you can look past the threads you can just about see it :D here's also a closeup of the edging:

About halfway through I realised the crystals weren't quite the right shade of red! I had a mini panic but it was too late so went ahead anyway. Luckily it somehow works so that was a great relief!!

Since I cut it off, i couldn't have the loom sitting there empty! So this is what's on there at the moment. I need more of the background delicas, so it won't be finished till end of next week - depending on whether I go to the shop physically or order online.

Otherwise right now I'm thinking of getting another loom specifically for bracelets. As well as making one for larger projects. There is one I saw that someone made which looked FABULOUS!! My husband even suggested he could make me one. We'll see.

Have a beautiful afternoon :)

23 October 2010

Better one

Here's a picture I took this morning. It shows better what the colours should look like.

I didn't do any beading at all today. Hopefully tomorrow I can work on the edging then cut it off the loom while I look for that I'll be including in the fringe.

I've got 2 bracelet designs worked up waiting to be loomed. I need some more if 2 certain colours, I'll see when to order them.


21 October 2010

Slow but steady!

I managed to do quite a lot of looming yesterday. If all goes well I'll have it off the loom on Saturday or Sunday.

Anyway here's a photo. Sorry about the quality. These are mainly for my reference really!

What do you think? I wasn't too sure about the design when I saw it on the computer but I'm glad I'm making it :)

Have a good evening!

20 October 2010

The doubt is gone!

After a 'consultation' with two experienced loomers last night, I warped the loom for a necklace (split loom) today and made a start on it. The first few lines were a little tricky in terms of 'setting' the tension for the piece, as well as getting a rhythm going!

I got into one eventually and it's worked up quicker than I expected considering the width - 71 beads wide!

Because there are decreases in this, I started at the widest point. I managed to finish up to the first row.

Tomorrow I'll be tackling the straps. I'm hoping I may be able to complete one side. Wish me luck!!

17 October 2010

Another one

I cut this off the loom today. I've still got the edging and the clasp to do. Since I'm being 'experimental', I loomed from top to bottom rather than from the middle as usual. I think I prefer this way if there's no increasing and decreasing. I also used nymo from a spool rather than a bobbin.

Lastly, I'll be working on the edging with the bracelet off the loom. I'll see how it goes. If I don't like it I can go back to my usual on-the-loom edged bracelets :)

Have a good night!

15 October 2010

And another one is off!

I managed to finish the edging and attach the clasp today, and here's the result. I was thinking to keep it for myself but now I'm not so sure anymore! I don't tend to wear jewellery and the one necklace I made for myself this year is sitting in a box on my shelf.... :)


10 October 2010


I may take a short break from looming over the next few days.....I say MAY because I don't know how long I'll be able to resist the pull of the beads!! :)

Till next time, goodnight :)

9 October 2010

If at first you don't succeed

It seems the picture problem is with what I posted from my phone rather than the entire blog. I went back to the beginning and those pictures are there. Hmmm, I'll have to make time and edit all those missing pictures. Perhaps next week I think.

Anyway, I wanted to post a photo of 'Rose'. Hopefully you can see it - the photos aren't very good as I took them after dark and my camera battery was low. I'll get some decent daylight ones for my own keeping over the next few days.

Otherwise I hope you like and goodnight! :)

A closeup of the edging. The seed beads worked very well with it.

8 October 2010


There seems to be a problem with blogger. I can't post a picture and none of those on the blog are showing up.

Anyway, I finally 'clasped' the bracelet and have decided to name 'Rose'. I'll post a picture later or tomorrow when it's working again.

Bear in mind I'm not talking about the recent red and cream necklace. You'll have to go a little way back to know which one you're expecting a picture of :D

And Cut !

As you can probably figure, the bracelet is off the loom. I managed to get more of the red delicas I needed yesterday, and at a very good price.

My plan was to wake up early so I could work on the last section and also start the edging. By about 8am I'd made a start. The little one woke as I completed about 75% of the edging.

It didn't take long to 'polish off' after I put her down for her nap. And here it is :)

I was going for a netted edging look. It's a little rough in terms of how I wanted it to look but maybe it's better this way...I'm still deciding. Here's a closer look at it

Hope you like. Pointers and tips are always welcome :)

Now it's time for a quick nap!

7 October 2010

Need more red!!

I started in that bracelet I posted a snippet of a few days ago. It was going swimmingly until I realised......I won't have enough of the red delicas to complete the looming part!!!! I was so disappointed!

So now I can't do any looming until I've cut it off. Not making for a very happy me :(

Anyway enough whining. Here's what I managed to do yesterday.

I only needed to stitch one more of the red patterns!!!!! Whatever the case I have an edging in mind for this. Hopefully it will work.

I really have to sleep now, goodnight!

3 October 2010

Something in mind

I've got something in mind BUT it will take me a while to make. I have to figure out the 'logistics' - I've got the basic idea down on paper and need to fill in the gaps then I can make a start.

I'm hoping it comes out as I (vaguely) see it in my head - hence I need time to work it all out!!

In the meantime I've got another bracelet lined up once the current one is off the loom. Here's a snatch of it.

It seems 'geometry' has a hold on me! I'm not intentionally going down that road :D

Yesterday I managed to finish looming the green & yellow bracelet. Here is the pattern in its' entirety. Edging will be something simple in this case I think. Hopefully this will be off the loom by Tuesday so I can start on the one above!

Thank you for coming by, and have a beautiful afternoon :)

2 October 2010

I'm back!!!!

I only managed 5 lines tonight but I'm glad to be back working on my loom. I have to start saving up to buy some delicas for another special bracelet I want to make. I'll probably show you just a snippet when I get round to it. Then 'proper reveal' will be when/after it's finished and seen by the recipient.

Time for bed now. I think I'll try to wake early so I get some more lines in.

Sweet dreams :)

1 October 2010

Forgot this one!

I started this on Saturday and completely forgot to post a picture. I'm yet to finish the looming and edging but hopefully will be back to it tonight or tomorrow.

It's another geometric pattern :) The next one may not be, I'll see.

Have a good evening!