27 September 2010

Short break!

I won't be doing any looming for the next day or two so no new pictures or posts will be appearing here. I have to adjust a bracelet and pack for my son's holiday! We are gonna miss him terribly particularly his little sister but he's going to have lots of fun so that's consolation :)

A good afternoon to you!

25 September 2010

And another one :)

I managed to finish the edging on the bracelet yesterday afternoon. I wasn't sure if it was too much for the design but it seems to fit in somehow!

It looks much better and more sparkly in real life :)

I've already got the next design lined up - something geometric again - but I was too tired to start on it last night so hope to get the chance today :)

I've also got a bracelet to extend by Wednesday but that won't take very long :)

A beautiful day to you!

22 September 2010

A bit more

I managed to get some more lines in while the babes had their nap. I'm getting the effect I wanted so that's a good thing.

After the change of plans with regards to colours last night, I think I know (99%) how I'm going to change the design to accommodate the removal of 2 colours from the design.

I also realised while looming this afternoon, that I was actually looking two plain rows between the squares instead of the one. I think I may prefer it that way anyway :)

Happy beading!

And another one!

I started on a new bracelet last night and it's not looking too bad so far. I made a mistake at one point and had to undo more than 5 lines - it was late! Anyway here is the picture of what i managed to do last night.

Have a beautiful day :)

15 September 2010

There is light at the end of the tunnel!

I was able to get some (late night) beading in yesterday and managed to finish the edging on the pink loomed bracelet I posted about previously.

I'm now just waiting to attach the clasp then I'll be all done and post pictures. That should hopefully be tomorrow or (hopefully) Saturday at the very latest.

I'm very tired (very very late night!) and working tomorrow so today I've been relaxing :D

Wishing you a good afternoon/evening!

14 September 2010

Forgot to post this in my rush!

I made this in June. I started out intending to make a necklace but was pushed for time (baby was ill), so I made a bracelet instead. It was finished in a rush on the day it was needed so it's a little incomplete.

I think when I'm freed up again I'll make another one and perhaps do an equivalent on the loom - I'd have to think about the latter.

Otherwise, the quiet is because I haven't had time to do any beading the last week or so! Tonight I'll be working on a rivoli bracelet. I need to order the clasp for that one :)

A good evening to you!