30 August 2010

Colour scheme choice confirmed!

I've made good progress on the pink/white bracelet I posted about a short while ago. Today I corrected a mistake(s) I made yesterday and finished looming it, including getting the ends ready for the clasp. Now I have to do the edging and it will as good as finished!

The title of this post? I saw the person I'll be gifting this bracelet to, and they happened to be wearing pink! So I know they have a matching outfit to go with it :)

The next post will probably be when I've finished it. I have to look through my stash and see if there's anything I may want to use in the edging.

Otherwise a good evening to you :)

27 August 2010

Silence speaks volumes!

Yes it's a long time since I posted anything! In the meantime I've been working on two bracelets. On is 99.99% done. The other is about 60% done. Silly me I FORGOT....yes FORGOT to get a clasp for the second one!.....I don't know what I was thinking!! But, I know what type I want so now it's just a matter of getting it :)

Aside from that, I bought myself a new loom about 2 weeks ago. I told myself us finish the bracelets before I tried it out but temptation got the better of me! So here's the result so far:

I didn't calculate how many of the matte White delicas I'd need and I'm almost out. I'll be attending a bead fair on 5th but......I couldn't wait till then so bought some more today. I'm desperate to work on it hehe!

As for the loomed bracelet I started before.....I made a start on the edging yesterday and was very pleased with it.....until I turned it over and realised I could still see the edge threads :( I bought something to try and incorporate in the edging. If that fails I have another idea to try. I'm just desperate the former works.

Goodnight to you all :)

12 August 2010

Two more bracelets

I recently designed another bracelet to be loomed but I wasn't entirely happy with the outcome - it was quite late when I worked on it, and I was tired. Here is what I came up with (a preview).

Since I wasn't very happy with it, I let it sit for a few days. Then tonight I came up with this one:

I will likely loom both, starting with the second. The preview for the second doesn't really show much but hopefully you like what you can see. With that one, I will try adding 'a different view'. All will be revealed when I have completed it.

All that comes after I make the bracelets that need to be finished. So it could be a month before you see anything from me again, or even hear from me. I will post a picture of the bracelets when I'm done. Tomorrow I have to buy some red seeds as I surprisingly (more like baffled!) don't have any AT ALL...well not in the size I need anyway!

A good night and sweet dreams to you all :)

7 August 2010

It's become a UFO!

Since the last post I haven't done ANY beading! I was meant to wear the necklace to a wedding but then I changed the dress I would wear. So that wasn't going to work hence halting working on it.

I have two orders that need filling so I'll try and do those over the next two weeks. Then I can hopefully get back to my monthly piece resolution!! I've got a bracelet up my sleeve in pink & White, though the actual design is yet to be determined. But for that I need to get a decent loom!!

A happy day to you all :)